Global Artificial Intelligence Technology Art Competition



I. Contest Introduction

Contest theme: When Garbage Classification Meets Interactive Art

Registration time:  August 24, 2019-October 7th

Open public comment: October 8th - October 20th, 2019

Final Review Exhibition: October 21st - November 24th, 2019 (Specific time and place will be announced separately)


II. Competition Theme

Since entering the summer in 2019, strict classification of garbage in Shanghai has become compulsory in an effort to protect the environment.Because of the complexity of classification (what exactly is "dry garbage"?), we are sponsoring this contest to see if technology can aid in a fun and creative way.


Art and technology are held to be some of the highest accomplishments of humanity. Yet garbage is also an essential part of our life. Therefore, OF COURSE launched this garbage classification interactive creative contest, so that garbage, art, and artificial intelligence no longer seem so far apart. We aim for the integration of art and science and environment in the 5G era; in other words, how artificial intelligence is deeply integrated with innovation and development - - but also garbage classification. We invite global cross-border talents from different disciplines and research fields to apply technology and creativity to create valuable devices for society.


III. Competition Organizer

OF LAB is a platform for OF COURSE to develop competitive competitions and works, including the organization and launch of technical competitions for cross-border talents in science and technology worldwide, and the development of pioneering experimental works. It aims to support the rapid development of links internationally and with China's science, technology and art communities; to promote international academic and cultural exchanges; and to expand the public's awareness and interest in cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence through competitions and other forms.


From day one, OF Course has advocated an interdisciplinary approach, integrating art, technology, and education. In 2019 the OF Course community includes 30,000 members from the fields of new media art, artificial intelligence, IOT, the applied sciences, advertising, and venture capital. Our collaborators include ShanghaiTech University, Tongji University, WildAid, Alibaba, Sony, Frog, TBWA and W+K. Whether you are here today to share, find, or create knowledge, you will encounter possibilities for cross-disciplinary, cross-border collaboration.


IV. Participants

Including but not limited to global interaction designers, new media artists, creative programmers and artificial intelligence engineers, ARVR and other creators who embody the integration of art and science.


V. Process

(1) Submission (August 1st - October 7th):

Participants are required to submit by the official website's time, and the deadline is 18:00 October 7th.

How to submit the work: Click the [Submit Work] button below to jump to the submission page.



(2) Initial evaluation of works (October 8th - October 20th): Public voting to conduct preliminary evaluation of the work, and invite experts to determine the shortlist.

(3) Final Awards (October 24th): The final evaluation site test will be held and a public exhibition will be held on October 21. (Specific time and place will be notified separately)


VI. Assessment content

The competition sets up a competition for creative interaction programming, and three items are considered:

(1) Originality

(2) Interactivity

(3) Degree of completion

Entries for this theme must be original AI interactive works. Participants must create interactive works of high integrity in combination with interactive design, creative programming techniques, intelligent hardware, sensors, and artificial intelligence algorithms. The entries can be in the form of interactive art installations, interactive audio and video works, interactive light sculpture projections, Internet of Things products, intelligent robots and real-time data visualization.


VII. Evaluation method

(1) Log in to OF COURSE official website to register. The competition is divided into two parts: initial evaluation (public voting) and final award (on-site testing).

(2) Participants will send the works to the website before October 7th according to the requirements. After the initial evaluation, some outstanding works will be selected for the finals.

(3) Participants in the finalists will be concentrated in the designated venue for testing and awarding.

(Note*: There is no charge for this competition. No organizer may charge the entrant in any name.)


VIII. Collection Conditions

(1) Originality. It is strictly forbidden to copy others. If the code is more than 90% similar to the existing third-party works, and the source of the reference or the originality is not proved, the organizing committee will cancel the participation qualification.

(2) Innovative. The work is innovative, with a sense of future technology, creativity coming from everyday life, and materials need to be environmentally friendly.

(3) Interactivity. The interactive interface of the work is simple, the human-computer interaction is smooth, and the user experience is friendly, so that people who do not understand technology can also use it.

(4) Artistic. Hard to define but an aesthetic design sensibility is evident.

(5) Technical. The program runs stably and efficiently, with no obvious errors; the program structure is divided reasonably, and the code is written in a standardized way; complex and computational problems are solved by algorithms to achieve rich effects.

(6) Conceptuality. The content of the work is profound and has a certain depth of ideological connotation.

(7) The copyright of the entries is owned by the author. The right to use is shared by the author and OF COURSE. OF COURSE has the right to publish, display and promote the entries.


IX. Product Description

Description of the work:

(1) The design goal can show the theme connotation, realize the functional requirements, and solve the problem. If the goal description of the work is not clear or deviates from the subject goal, no score will be awarded.

(2) Programming thinking and skills. Participants are required to draw processes, logic and functional diagrams for the application elements, such as the use of special programming techniques or calculation methods.


The operating environment mainly includes:

(1) Creative programming tools: Processing/P5.js, openFrameworks, Cinder, JavaScript, MaxMsp, Touch Designer, Unity, Unreal, Python, WebGL, etc.

(2) Creative programming hardware: Arduino, Raspberry Pi, etc.

(3) The required work must use programming techniques

(4) Works must be run on Windows/Mac OS/Linux/iOS/Android systems and are not related to the operating system.


Reference requirements:

If the contestant uses non-original graphics, pictures, audio material, the source of the quote or the creator must be clearly marked, and the mark is clear to be a qualified work. At the same time encourage the creation of original material, you can give extra points.


Recording of video works:

The content includes creative ideas, processes, etc. The shooting duration is controlled within 90 seconds, within 100M, and the format is MP4.


X. Other Matters

Each contestant is limited to one submission, indicating the contributor's profile and contact information.

(1) Description of the effect diagram of the work. The renderings must match the actual results of the program. If the work is generated in real time, the change process and rules should be fully explained in the document.

(2) Programming instructions. Fully describe the coding techniques, program algorithms, or engineering methods used in the work, and use appropriate logic flow diagrams to explain.

(3) Citation instructions. If the entrant draws on or references an existing third-party work, the source of the reference code should be indicated in the explanatory document and explain its innovation.


XI. Registration Help

WeChat: kateiskite


XII. Review and Rewards:

The organizing committee will issue the certificate to the participants and set up the OF LAB Technology Art Award:

First prize: 1 (worth RMB16,000 prizes)

Certificate of Honor, OF LAB Technology Art Prize 6000, Course worth 9800, OF VIP member, exhibition and investment opportunities, souvenirs

Second prize: 2 (worth RMB9,000 prizes)

Certificate of Honor, OF LAB Technology Art Prize 3000, Course worth 5800, OF VIP Member, Exhibition and Investment Opportunity, Souvenir

Third prize: 3 (worth RMB7,000 prizes)

Certificate of Honor, OF LAB Technology Art Prize 1000, Value 5800 Course, OF VIP Member, Exhibition and Investment Opportunity, Souvenir

Encouragement Award: N (worth RMB1500 prizes)

Entry Certificate, OF COURSE Course 1000 Yuan Coupon, OF VIP Member, Exhibition and Investment Opportunity, OF Souvenir


XIII. Judges Lineup (before and after the ranking)

Gene Kogan | New York University ITP Artificial Intelligence Course Lecturer, Artist, Programming Specialist, Leading Person in the Field of Artificial Intelligence Art, with Artificial Intelligence and Art

Herbert Ng | TBWA Creative Technology Director, developing technology products in VR/AR, interactive projection, physics computing, and robotics

Kyle lee | Head of the Department of Design and Technology, University of Parsons School of Design, Senior Projection Digital Space Interactive Designer

Aven | Artificial Intelligence Artist, Intel Global Innovator, Founder and CEO of Art Machines

Musen | Information Visualization Designer, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Tsinghua University, Master of Design and Technology, Parsons School of Design, and of course the founder of OF & LYNX

Jayson Haebich | New Media Artist, Senior Creative Engineer, Special Lecturer at Greenwich University, London.


XIIII. Organization

Organizer: OF COURSE


OF COURSE (take for granted) is a community established in New York in 2014 that combines global artificial intelligence technology experts. It is currently operating in many countries and regions around the world, with 5000+ elite members and jointly developed the “OF Creative Programming Course”. With AI interactive art education as the core, the existing creative programming courses, OF LAB, OF GALLERY, OF TALK, art study, employment recommendation and other services.


Supporting unit (invited)


Tencent Zhongchuang Space (Shanghai)

2019 Shanghai International Science Fair Organizing Committee

Support media:

Shanghai Multimedia Association, Digital Art Network, People's Art, and of course


XV. Matters not covered shall be agreed upon separately by the organizing committee. The organizing committee has the final interpretation of this exhibition.